Are you practicing Self-Care?


Raise your hand if you fail to practice self-care daily. Be honest now.

It’s challenging to practice self-care, especially in the real estate industry with crazy hours. Most people think if we take time out of our busy schedule to take care of ourselves, we’d be giving up precious time when we could be getting work done. And with that, people have the preconceived notion that practicing self-care is a selfish act… so we don’t even think about doing it.

Do any of the following statements or acts sound familiar?

“I don’t have time”

“I haven’t slept well in weeks”

“I’ll just work through my lunch to get it done”

“I can get up early tomorrow and work on it”

“I’ll start exercising tomorrow”

“I’ll take my work home and do it before bed tonight”

“Hold on a minute, I need to check my email”

Sifting quickly through papers and post-it notes looking for that client’s number

Scrolling through social media … looking for that “next” connection

Mindlessly scrolling through social media because it feels better than working

What if we are thinking about self-care the wrong way? What if we are self-sabotaging ourselves because we don’t take care of ourselves?

According to Realtor® Magazine, the Real Estate industry is extremely stressful and demanding. On top of that, the highs and lows of the real estate industry can sometimes provoke stress and depression in many agents. According to John Huber, a clinical forensic psychologist and chairman of Mainstream Mental Health in Austin, Texas, “self-maintenance is important because real estate success has to do with your personality and how you come across to the public”. If we are stressed, we will more than likely not be that beaming ray of sunshine our next client needs.

What if practicing self-care would help you feel better, work better, and sleep better? It's time to start practicing some self-care now. Here are three (3) very simple choices to start with:

  • Make Time for Yourself.
    1. Start setting aside 10 to 15 minutes a day to enjoy a quite simple cup of coffee or tea, do a small act like journaling, meditating, listen to a pod cast, or apply a face mask.
    2. Once you build a routine, you could try to add to that system with time for affirmations, exercising, or reading a book.
    3. The most important part is setting aside time for you. Practicing self-care is not being selfish, it’s being healthy.


  • Get Organized
    1. Being organized is extremely helpful for your personal and work life space. Getting organized is an easy way to re-evaluate some of the areas in your life that might seem distracting. A good start could be to clean up or upgrade your desk, your computer, or your purse or briefcase. Put all your things back in line, cleaned up, and straight. A simple 5-minute organization could save you 15-20 minutes of stress and anxiety later.
    2. If you are the type of person that feels like they need inspiration, there are a few tools and apps that can help keep you organized. Evernote, keeps all your notes in one place even allowing you to scan random to-do lists you wrote down in a hurry. There are social media dashboards such as Hootesuite and Sprout Social that can help you manage your social media time better and stay organized.


  • Know the VALUE of YOUR time
    1. Being in the real estate world can bring many challenges, including time-management. As an agent, your time is valuable to you, your clients, and your potential clients. A balance should be created to keep the peace and make your work life less stressful. Start tracking where and how you spend your time. This will help you monitor and build systems in your schedule to make better decisions. Once you have evidence on the most productive way to spend your time, you can allot your efforts in a more profitable way. Know how you are best spending your time so you can see the value and pay off.


Making small adjustments in your day to practice self-care could help decrease your stress levels and make you more productive at work. How amazing would it be if by taking a lunch you got more work done than if you worked through your lunch?  By making time for ourselves, getting organized, and understanding the value of our time, we can set ourselves up for success and keep our minds centered on the tasks at hand. Take care of yourself and start your day off with the best practices.


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