Attorney Closing Services



Changes in our industry require changes in how we do business. New federal legislation means new challenges in serving our clients, so TitleQuest is now offering the CARE advantage to real estate and non-real estate attorneys.

Taking advantage of our CARE program means you can maintain your client relationship without the concern of losing your client's other legal business.  Have all the processing and disbursement components of the settlement transaction handled, and avoid the expenses associated with meeting compliance measures and additional personnel.

If CARE sounds like the perfect solution for you and your clients’ needs or you would like additional information, please feel free to give us a call at 757-962-9844 or contact us by EMAIL.


Escrow account management?   COVERED

Maintain client relationships?    ABSOLUTELY

CFPB compliance concerns?        RESOLVED

The perfect solution?                       EXACTLY

titlequest-escrow-account-management titlequest-cfpb-compliance-concerns titlequest-attorney-client-interaction