What are Closing Costs?

Most aspiring homeowners are usually left stranded in the real estate terminologies, one of them being closing costs. So what exactly are closing costs, and how much can they cost you? You’ll also learn how to reduce your closing costs so you can save money as you buy your next home. Let’s get started! Expect […]

Steps to Remember When Purchasing Your First Home

Purchasing a home for the first time can be overwhelming. Many moving parts have to be considered when buying a home, and your journey starts before you even get to that first showing. Thankfully, TitleQuest has an easy-to-follow guide of steps to remember when purchasing your first home.  Step 1 Determine Your Budget The first […]

What are the Benefits of a Title Search?

A title search is a crucial part of the home buying process. It can reveal many problems or future problems that the prospective buyer should be aware of. The closing company you choose should complete a thorough title search prior to your purchase. As a title company in Virginia Beach, TitleQuest has the knowledge and […]