Get Organized for Back To School

How to Survive the School Year

Summer’s ending and the kids are going back to school! We hope you’ve enjoyed your time with the kids, and took advantage of the sales tax holiday to set them up with school supplies. The transition back into school life can be stressful, especially for parents of children moving on to a new school. We at TitleQuest have some helpful tips on organization!

Make Checklists

Establishing checklists is not only a great way to keep yourself organized, but it is also a wonderful way to reduce the stresses of planning on both you and your children. Making a checklist of daily tasks for your child to complete will quickly enforce a routine pattern onto them. For an added time saving bonus, establish some items on the checklist as having to be completed the night before. That way the work is split up, making it seem like less to your child, and ensuring that there is ample time in the morning for any last minute tasks.

Create a Designated Homework Area

Just as researchers recommend that a bedroom be used only for sleep in order to promote a healthy circadian cycle, so too should a devoted location for homework be made. Remember to take into account your child’s specific learning style. Ask yourself: How involved should I be in my child’s homework time? Does my child work better in seclusion, or in a more public setting? Do they work better at a traditional desk like they would be used to at school, or do they shine in a comfortable situation, using a lap desk? All children are different, so don’t expect each of your children to work best in the same situation. One thing that can be safely implemented, no matter what the learning style, is placing supplies in an easy access area. Pens, pencils, paper, and erasers should all be put in a central location to ensure that your child is focused on the right things.

Organize Documents Wisely

For those who don’t yet have a home management binder or binders, now is the perfect time to start one! A good way to keep things like report cards, artwork, and tests organized, is to establish a physical inbox for all of the week’s papers. At the end of the week, go through the box and separate things that should be kept, from things that are unimportant. We recommend further segregating the keep pile by creating a keepsake binder in which your child’s work can go, and placing things such as contact information, class schedules, and classroom rules in your general home management binder.

Make A Calendar

Keeping track of important papers and documents is easy enough, but every parent, especially parents of multiple school children, knows that keeping track of the myriad school events can be incredibly difficult. A great way to remedy this is by putting a large calendar in a central location of your house, such as the refrigerator. Not only will this allow you to easily plan for important school events and communicate them among your family, but it will also provide an easy way to plan family time around your busy schedule.

Reduce Fear

Perhaps most important of all is remedying the fear and anxiety that comes with going back to school. To allay your child’s insecurities, try sharing stories of your own school experiences. It may not seem like much, but sharing past vulnerabilities with your child shows that you are accepting of them. For taking care of your own fears and stresses, just remember: one thing at a time. Don’t feel compelled to clean the whole house at once. Instead just take it one room at a time. Separating out tasks into smaller ones can make any daunting job into several easily managed ones.

Remember to Have Fun!

We hope you have enjoyed these suggestions. From the TitleQuest family to yours; here’s to a school year that is minimally stressful and to academic success in every way possible. And remember, “yes, it matters where you close.®”

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