Outdoor Living Spaces, The Gift that keeps on Giving!

Wondering what to give the family this Christmas, how about a vacation in your own backyard? With a few simple property upgrades, you can add exciting outdoor spaces for a season of fun and sun by Christmas! The entire family can enjoy the Holiday season more than ever and you’ll be ready for Spring. Here are a few ideas for creating your own backyard paradise.

Decks & Porches

Decks and porches are fantastic additions, providing outdoor living spaces perfect for entertaining family and friends. Decks are typically uncovered wooden structures while porches are more likely to be made of concrete or tile and can be covered for additional privacy. Decks are more easily adapted to rough or uneven terrain and can be built almost anywhere on the property.

There are many kinds of decks to choose from, so it’s easy to find something that suits your family’s needs. The most common type is a simple attached deck, very similar to a patio. Detached decks, on the other hand, can be built anywhere on the property and typically have some kind of path leading to them. A wraparound deck is a type of attached deck very similar to a wraparound porch, though it can be larger or more uneven. Multilevel decks can be attached or detached. These decks, which are actually a series of decks at different levels connected by steps or paths, are perfect for large properties or ones with changes in elevations. Screened in porches are easy additions for those who have porches already built on their property. Adding screening not only protects your privacy, but keeps out pesky bugs while you enjoy your aunt’s famous nine-layer-dip.

Whether you chose a deck or a porch, you can enhance your extra outdoor living space even further by building an outdoor kitchen. A freestanding grill is one example of a quick and easy addition, but there are many more options. Counters and bar tops are great permanent upgrades to consider adding to your brand-new outdoor dining space. The options for enhancing your deck and porch are nearly endless and customizable to be as extravagant or as simple as you wish.

Pergolas & Gazebos

If you’re looking to add a more freestanding structure or something that provides shade and a decorative touch, you may want to look into adding a gazebo or pergola to your property. If you’re more of a gardener, a pergola might be the perfect addition! Adding a beautiful vine covered archway into your garden adds an air of elegance to any yard.

For those who want more function than fashion, a gazebo is the perfect choice. Gazebos provide a beautiful shaded area for friends and family to gather for a meal during a hot summer day. Gazebos offer the beauty of a pergola -- lattice walls threaded with vines and flowers -- and the comfort and functionality of a covered porch or deck.


The primary reasons for installing a fences are practical; to outline the limits of your property and to add security and privacy. Adding a fence creates a private, safe place for friends and family to gather and celebrate each other's company. Practicality doesn’t mean unsightly, though; with so many varieties of fences, it’s easy to find a design and material that complements your property. Aluminum, wood, PVC, wrought iron, and vinyl are some of the most popular materials.

Wood fencing is the most popular choice nationwide. Tall enough to provide extra privacy, it’s the endless options for customization of color, wood type, height, etc. that make this type of fence the most attractive option for many Americans. Decorative aluminum fencing provides a little less security than other types, but it’s also the easiest to care for with next to no maintenance necessary and can be designed to look like nearly other type of fence. PVC fencing is the least expensive type of fencing as well as being incredibly resistant to harsh weather conditions. Wrought iron fencing is beautiful. Homeowners can add elaborate designs in and on top of their fences, completely customizing it to their preference. However, wrought iron is custom made and is a little bit pricey. Though vinyl fencing is higher in price as well, it comes with huge benefits. It’s nearly four times as flexible and five times as strong than wooden fences, and it requires almost no maintenance and only needs to be hosed off for quick cleaning.

Where to start?

Building your own backyard oasis may seem like a monumental task, but with help you can turn this mountain into a molehill. Checkout our previous blog on Kitchen remodels for tips on how to enlist a contractor’s help. The experts know how to get started and can often act as an affordable consult rather than contracting the entire job. Create a private vacation to enjoy every day in the comfort of your own backyard, the gift that lasts all year around!








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