What’s Your Name Again?: Make a Lasting Impression on Your Clients

You shake hands with John and Jane and hand over the keys to their new house. They smile, thank you for all your help over the past weeks, and get into their car to drive away with their happy thoughts on their new home. However, closing should not be the last time they think about or see you.

Referrals are a great way to bring in business from past clients for realtors and loan officers. But how can you market yourself to leave a lasting impression?

Building a Relationship

The first step is simple: creating a trusting client relationship. Sit down with your clients to get to know them. You can build a strong foundation with your clients by:

  • Responding promptly to texts, calls and emails
  • Learning about your client’s life
  • Having a good attitude in general and unexpected issues arise
  • Referring trusted local contractors and vendors for services

Knowing your clients’ personalities and hobbies will provide you with talking points when you see them in the community, especially after closing.

Closing gifts

Closing gifts are not mandatory, but a memorable gift from their realtor or loan officer can leave lasting impressions, especially when their friends admire it, too. Closing gifts can be generic or personalized, depending on your preference and how close you are with your clients.

Closing Gifts from Real Estate Agents

Popular closing gifts we have seen this year are gift baskets, customized signage, and champagne dressed up like a pineapple. Websites like Etsy or studios like Board and Brush offer personalized items like signs, cheese boards, pillows and more items that add a special touch to a new home. Fitsmallbubsiness.com also offers other closing gift ideas.

Did you know realtors may be able to write closing gifts up to $25 per individual off on your taxes? Just include your contact and brokerage information on the gift, either somewhere small or on the back. Read the gifting site Pumeli.com for their closing gift tax informational tips and check with your accountant for tax-related questions.

Keep in Touch

Whether you give a closing gift or not, it is important to stay in contact with your past clients. At closing, ask if you can take a picture with them, positioned next to company branding, and tag them on your social media accounts. Tagging your realtor, loan officer and associated businesses can also help spread your name in the community.

This way, their social media accounts are linked to yours, they can follow your accounts without having to search for you, and you get free marketing when they share your post with their community. You should also be monitoring your social accounts for new followers, shares and comments to interact accordingly.

Facebook Post with Client

If you do not have social media accounts, read our article, “Is Social Media Really Necessary for Real Estate?” to start connecting with your clients.

Newsletters and email blasts are also a great way to keep in contact with clients. If you or your company sends newsletters, ask your client if they would like to subscribe. Tell them how often the newsletter goes out and the content they can expect to see so they do not automatically say, “No thank you.”

Stay Active in the Community

Referrals can also come from the people you meet in your community. Participating in the communities you service will help clients put faces to names, find new clients and show you care about the neighborhood.

TitleQuest Agents at Networking Event

Is your company tabling at National Night Out? Is the local park selling banner space for a fundraiser for their sport fields? Figure out what you want your local persona to be and market yourself to your community accordingly.


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