TitleQuest Donates for Back-to-School Magic

Helping the Families of ForKids in Chesapeake, VA

TitleQuest, a premier title insurance company in Virginia and North Carolina real estate markets, orchestrated an inspiring campaign in the month of August as our community prepares for the new school year. In partnership with ForKids of Chesapeake, VA, TitleQuest Companies collected school supply donations for local families fighting the cycle of homelessness and poverty in Southeastern Virginia.  

ForKids began its journey as a shelter haven for families and children in crisis, and over the years, it evolved into a pivotal force in combating homelessness for families across Virginia. Each year, ForKids asks community leaders to supply school donations to ensure that no child is left without the supplies to start a successful school year.  

This year, TitleQuest donated an impressive collection of over 100 backpacks, pencils, notebooks, lunchboxes, calculators, and other essential items. The sheer volume of the company’s donations required no less than six large tote bins to accommodate the outpouring of support. Yet, beyond the statistics and numbers, what truly resonated was the collective goodwill of TitleQuest team members.  

“While this season is filled with excitement from our own children, there are many youth in Hampton Roads wondering what supplies (if any) they will have for the upcoming school year. I struggle to imagine a world where we do not take initiative to help a worthy cause,” stated Brian Clements, President of TitleQuest.  

Together the team members of TitleQuest rallied together for a common cause, ensuring that children facing adversity would be equipped with the tools they needed to flourish academically and beyond. More than just an assemblage of school supplies, this initiative was a profound reminder of the potential that lies within small, compassionate actions. TitleQuest would like to continue to play a role in nurturing positive transformations within their communities through their multitude of charity ventures nourishing positive changes in Southeastern Virginia communities. 

ForKids, the recipient of these generous donations, stands as a steadfast advocate for homeless families, ensuring that each child is supported in their educational journey. By collaborating with the likes of TitleQuest, ForKids continues to champion a brighter future, one that is not hindered by circumstance but propelled by potential. The Back to School supplies that TitleQuest donates serves as a shining example that, even in the face of challenges, the combined forces of hope, kindness, and community can make an incredible community impact.