Title Examination

When TitleQuest receives your contract, our processors analyze the contract and quickly submit any requests for addendums if the contract is incomplete, inconsistent, or missing information. After they have a completed contract, our title examiners begin a title search.

What is a title search looking for? Our experienced title examiners are searching all available records pertaining to the property you are about to purchase, sell or refinance. They do the detective work on ownership, unpaid judgements, unpaid taxes or utilities associated with your property that we fix ahead of closing. Our underwriter and processors then proactively work to properly address these issues, to ensure closing is not delayed and title is clear when title to property is conveyed to you by a seller.

Our affiliate, TitleCom, provides title search and recordation services for residential and commercial properties located throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Where available, TitleCom, can also provide e-recording services and has direct online access to land records in all jurisdictions. As a member of the Virginia Land Title Association, TitleCom has experienced Virginia Certified Title Examiners on staff and is highly regarded by attorneys, title agencies, and national title underwriters as one of the best independent title examination/search companies in Virginia.