At TitleQuest, whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing; We realize your transaction is important, and work to make closing a smooth process.

Our skilled team will facilitate the closing process of your residential or commercial transaction from the title search to the preparation and administration of your settlement. A TitleQuest team member will contact agents/realtors and their clients, a short time after receiving a contract. They will gather pertinent information, answer preliminary questions, and discuss expectations leading up to the settlement. TitleQuest will hold Earnest Money Deposits (EMD) when requested. EMD funds may be provided electronically and securely to TitleQuest through LawPay, or be provided by check.Once the title search has been completed, a title insurance commitment will be issued, and a Consumer Disclosure which itemizes all-transaction funds will be prepared and approved by the buyer’s/borrower’s lender, a deed that will transfer the legal title to the property will be prepared by a licensed attorney, as required by state law, in preparation for closing.

When the buyer’s lender and the seller’s closing agent are ready to close we will then contact all parties to the transaction to schedule settlement.On closing day, the lender will provide the buyer’s/ borrower’s loan package containing many loan and title related documents to be signed. There may be multiple parties in the closing room, depending on your transaction which may include: 

  •  The buyer(s) or their duly authorized signees

  • The seller(s) or their duly authorized signees

  • The buyer’s real estate agent

  • The seller’s real estate agent

  • The buyer’s lender

  • Closing agent representatives 


Our closer have the experience and knowledge to answer questions and solve problems prior to or during closing, should they arise.We recommend that you take your time and understand the documents you are signing, given the gravity of the transaction, and the amount of money involved.After closing, the documents are reviewed one final time by our post-closing department before they are electronically recorded in the land records for the city or county in which the property is located. Buyers will then receive keys to their new home after settlement (if facilitating the buyer’s/ borrower’s closing) and we will disburse all real estate commissions, taxes, mortgage payoffs, seller proceeds, and other fees as shown on the transaction’s Consumer Disclosure.