Construction To Permanent Calculator

Looking to build the house of your dreams on property you own? A construction to permanent loan might be for you. A construction loan allows you to borrow money to design and build a completely new house. While the home is still in the construction phase, you will only make payments on the interest that is accruing. Once the house is completely built, you can either pay off the loan, or refinance it into a mortgage! Hence, the term construction to permanent.

With TitleQuest’s construction to permanent calculator we are able to help you plan out your monthly payments throughout the entire duration of your loan. This unique tool will determine the amount you will spend each month on the interest payments for the construction; and it will determine your monthly payment amount once you refinance it into a home mortgage.


In order for our calculator to accurately estimate the monthly payment you will need to have some information. Estimates are fine, but if you are looking for the most accurate monthly payment amount, you will need to have as close to final numbers as possible.

If you are purchasing a construction to permanent home, you will need:

  • the city the property is located in
  • the assessed value of the property*
  • the construction loan amount (how much it will cost to build)
  • the permanent loan amount (total amount you will be borrowing)
  • the completed home value
  • the number of payoffs you will have (construction and permanent)
  • title information (Do you own the lot? And are individuals being added/removed from the title?)

*The assessed value is the amount that your property was assessed to cost by a third party. Not sure what your assessed value is? Check your jurisdiction’s assessor website for the most up to date assessed value.