Selling Calculator

Selling your house/property can be an overwhelming experience. Knowing what you will receive after paying your closing expenses is important. Maybe you are looking to move into a new house and need to ensure the proceeds from the sale of your home will cover the down payment on your new home. Maybe you are selling your house after owning a short time and need to know if you will need to bring money to closing to cover a loss, or want to avoid a loss. Whatever the situation, TitleQuest has your back! We have developed a calculator that will help you estimate how much you can expect to spend on closing costs and what your net seller proceeds will be.

Closing costs for the seller are determined by adding all the expenses a seller customarily pays for at closing. These costs are then subtracted from the selling price along with the payoffs of any existing loans, liens, or judgments you must pay, to get your total net proceeds. A seller is expected to pay realtor commissions; seller’s settlement fee, deed preparation, grantors/transfer taxes; recording fees, prorated real estate taxes and other agreed to expenses in the contract*.

  • Realtor commission can range from 3-6% of the total purchase price.
  • Seller settlement fees, deed preparation, grantors/transfer taxes, recording fees are the closing/settlement costs you can expect. They typically average around 1.5% of the total purchase price.
  • Remaining loans and judgments on the property must be paid off in full when a property is sold.
  • *”Other agreed to expenses” can include seller concessions which are when the seller offers an incentive to the buyer. This can include incentives such as offering to lower the price or paying for the buyer’s closing costs.
  • Required repairs are any repairs that the seller has agreed to pay for in order to close.
  • Now, you can easily see your closing fee,titling insurance and recording cost. how much money you will spend on refinancing your home loan.

After you have input the required information into the calculator, voila—the final closing costs will be calculated! Now, thanks to TitleQuest, you can plan your next steps accordingly.