Refinancing Calculator

Are you looking to refinance your home? TitleQuest is here to help you. With our refinancing calculator, we take the guesswork out of estimating your closing costs. Now, you can easily compare closing costs to your long term savings from a rate reduction or loan term extension.

Refinancing your home is a big decision, you can end up saving a lot of money or you could end up spending even more money. It is important to keep in mind the long-term and the short-term financial impact of refinancing. While your monthly payment may be low, if you have increased your loan term you may end up spending way more over the life of the loan.


When refinancing your home, you need to consider a few things.

  1. Can you get a lower interest rate?
    – Lower interest rates will save you money in the long run because the primary amount you owe on the home is accruing a smaller percentage of money.
  2. Can you get a lower monthly payment?
    – Lower monthly payments can be beneficial in the short term. It allows you to save a little bit more money every month; however, lower monthly payments tend to increase the length of your loan or the interest rate. Even if you have a good interest rate, your loan may be spread out over a longer period. You will then pay more interest over time.
  3. Can you pay off the loan sooner?
    – No one wants to make payments on their home for 30 years. If you have the ability or opportunity to, it tends to be beneficial to shorten the length of your loan. But make sure you pay attention to interest rate and monthly payments as well. You don’t want to shorten the length of your loan and go into debt every month because of it.


Refinancing a home loan is a lengthy and expensive process. You will need to pay for lender fees, a credit check, title insurance/fees, appraisal, and more. Thanks to TitleQuest’s refinancing calculator you can easily see how much money you will spend on refinancing your home loan. By inputting your remaining loan balance(s) and number payoffs we can calculate the costs of refinancing for you.